Re: Asifism

From: Torgny Tholerus <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 14:30:26 +0200

Mark Peaty skrev:
> MP: There is possibly a loose end or two here and perhaps
> clarification is needed, yet again:
> * Or this could conceivably be construed as a 'state of grace'
> in that Torgny is operating with no mental capacity being wasted
> on self-talk or internal commentary: 'just doing' whatever needs
> to be done and 'just being' what he needs to be; very Zen!
To discuss the nature of consciousness is waste of time, because
consciousness or mind is not an entity that exists in the real world.
The only thing that exists in the real world is matter. What you can
talk about is consciouslike behaviour, objects that behave as if they
were conscious, objects that claim that they are conscious.
> * Then again it may be that I have misunderstood TT's grammar
> and that what he is denying is simply the separate existence of
> something called 'consciousness'. If that be the case then I
> would not argue because I agree that the subjective impression
> of being here now is simply what it is like to be part of the
> processing the brain does, ie updating the model of self in the
> world.
Yes, I simpy deny the separate existence of something called

Torgny Tholerus
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