Re: How would a computer know if it were conscious?

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Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2007 08:03:08 -0000

On Jun 7, 7:50 pm, "Quentin Anciaux" <> wrote:

> I have to disagree, if human goals were not tied to evolution goals
> then human should not have proliferated.
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Well of course human goals are *tied to* evolution's goals, but that
doesn't mean they're the same. In the course of pursuit of our own
goals we sometimes achieve evolution's goals. But this is
incidental. As I said, evolution explains why we feel and experience
things the way we do but our goals are not evolutions goals. You
don't eat food to maximize reproductive fitness, you eat food because
you like the taste.

This point was carefully explained by Steven Pinker in his books (yes
he agrees with me).

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