Re: Evidence for the simulation argument

From: John M <>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 15:37:33 -0400

I looked at your paper, interesting.
One question:
what do you mean by "exist"
(Notably: "does NOT exist)?

We think about it (no matter in how vague terms and weak understanding), we talk about it, our mind has a place in our thinking for that term, - does this not suffice for (in a WIDER??? meaning) existence?
I agree: it is logically (physically?) hardly identifiable but do we stand only on a (material?) physical basis?
And I make no difference between infinite small and infinite big. None of them understandable. Brent's 'infinitesimal' is a good idea in this topic, yet I consider it scale-oriented, an infinitesimally close in 1000 orders of magnitude smaller scale can be 'miles' away. (No 'real' miles implied) -

Best regards

John M
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      Infinity is a logically impossible concept. Infinity Does Not Exist.
      Torgny Tholerus

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