Re: Evil ? (was: Hypostases (was: Natural Order & Belief)

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2007 15:45:25 +0100

Le 29-déc.-06, à 16:41, Jef Allbright a écrit :

> Bruno -
> It appears that you and I have essential agreement on our higher-level
> epistemology.

It is possible. Note that in general those who appreciates the
hypotheses I build on, does not like so much the conclusion, and vice
versa, those who like the conclusion does not like the way I got them

> But I don't know much about your "comp" so I'll begin reading.

"Comp" is the old "mechanist philosophy" (Question to Milinda, Plato,
Descartes, Hobbes) revisited after the "creative explosion": the
discovery of the universal "turing" machine and the computer
theoretical laws they obey.
I propose also a reasoning (the Universal Dovetailer Argument (UDA))
showing that, contrary to a widespread belief (since the closure of
Plato Academy in 525 after JC), digital mechanism is epistemologically
incompatible with the belief that the mind emerges from some primary
substantial matter, but on the contrary the appearances of matter
emerges globally from an internal view of the number theoretical
reality. The UDA necessitates only a passive understanding of Church
thesis. Then I translate UDA in the language of a Universal Machine,
and thanks to the work of Post, Markov, Godel, Boolos, Goldblatt,
Visser etc. I show constructively how to derive the particular case of
"certainties" on the observation results (= more or less the
"probability one" bearing on our computational extensions) and I have
shown that those "probability one" gives arithmetical interpretation of
some quantum logic. I am working now to show why "nature" look like a
*quantum* computer in our immediate accessible neighborhood. I 'm stuck
on some mathematical difficulties and the progress are slow.

>> > With increasing context of self-awareness, subjective values >
>> increasingly resemble principles of the physical universe.
>> Apparently you are even more optimistic than me. I just wish you are
>> correct here. It is fuzzy because the term "resemble" is fuzzy.
> Yes, I was writing in broad strokes, just to give you the pattern, but
> not the detail that has been mentioned earlier. Humanity certainly
> could be within an evolutionary cul de sac.


> <snip>
>>> Since all events are the result of interactions following
>> the laws of the physical universe,
>> Hmmm... It is out of topic, but I don't believe this at all. Better I
>> can show to you that if "I" (or "You") are turing-emulable, then all
>> events, including the apparition and the development of the physical
>> laws are the result of the relation between numbers.
> For the sake of my argument I might better have said that all
> interactions seem to follow a consistent set of rules (which we see as
> the laws of the physical universe. It seems that you have some theory
> of a more fundamental layer having to do with numbers.

Yes. I have many reasons to believe the laws of physics emerges from
the laws of numbers. My basic belief in this relies on computer
science/ cognitive science and quantum mechanics. But since the last
years I got independent evidences for this from knot theory, prime
number theory, integer partition theory. What is funny (and still
mysterious but less and less when looking in the details) is the
presence of the number 24 (or of its divisors) each time a deep
relation appears between number theory and physics. I will send an easy
illustration soon or later.

Happy 2007,


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