Re: ASSA, RSSA, SSA +cond

From: Marchal <>
Date: Tue Sep 21 03:32:44 1999

George Levy wrote:

>There is a need for the following:
>1) An index of acronyms and ideas such as ASSA, RSSA, COMP, COMP2,
>observer-moments.... and the published ones such as QS, MWI etc..
>2) Short definitions of these ideas with the author or champion of these
>ideas maintaining such definitions.
>3) Posting a set of FAQs related to each idea
>4) A (preferably short) paragraph *for* the idea written by one or several
>5) A (preferably short) paragraph *against* the idea written by one or
>several challengers.
>6) A (preferably short) rebuttal paragraph by the champion
>7) A (preferably short) rebuttal paragraph by the challenger
>8) A list of references such as the obvious articles by Tegmark and the book
>by Deutsch with short synopsis (couple of lines) of what these references
>The first step is to compile the index, and have volunteer to champion them.
>Any suggestions regarding the mechanization of such scheme?
>It will make it much easier to argue about positions when we understand
>exactly where we stand and where the other participants stand. This would
>avoid a lot of repetition and needless arguing.

I agree.

This could take time however. May be it is still premature to do that but
we should certainly keep in mind that it would help us to converge
on a set of propositions we agree upon and a set of the most delicate
open question where we agree we disagree upon.

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