From: Marchal <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 05:48:48 1999

Could someone explain me the difference between the RSSA and
the SSA + the conditional rule ?

In most previous posts I agree with Russell Standish
and George Levy on these questions.

Accepting I'm BrunoM just now, there is a high probability I'm
BrunoM in the very near future. This follows RSSA (as
SSA + conditional rule).

Following the ASSA I could as well be a precambrian bacteria
in the near futur.

What is going wrong here ?

It is also so obvious for me that Everett uses the RSSA.
Remember that Everett call his theory ``the relative state
interpretation of QM"

Could someone tell me what is exactly the probability
domain for the ASSA ? And how does he compute the probability
of beeing in state X in the near future knowing he is in
state Y now ? And then explain me the difference
with the RSSA ?

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