Re: tautology

From: Gilles HENRI <>
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 09:24:31 +0200

A 21:12 -0700 15/09/99, a écrit:
>Closely tied to the self selection assumption is the Doomsday argument,
>which says that we are probably about halfway along in the lifetime of
>the human race, hence (if you count by observers or observer-moments)
>the human race should go extinct within a few thousand years.
>Can we also predict, based on the self selection assumption, that there
>are probably no sentient alien races which vastly outnumber humans?
>Otherwise it would be overwhelmingly more probable that we would be an
>alien than human, right?
>Could we also predict that the total number of sentient aliens in the
>universe is probably no more than, say, 100 times the population of
>the human race? This one seems more questionable because if all aliens
>are no more populous than humans, then no matter who you are you will
>see a race which is no more numerous than our own.

maybe the first prediction should read: there is probably no alien race
which outnumbers the sum of all other races? which is certainly true (and
the second one certainly false) if the universe is indeed infinite.

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