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From: Colin Geoffrey Hales <>
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 12:32:53 +1100 (EST)


With reference to the other thread....

Re: Hypostases (was: Natural Order & Belief)

> The other problem is how all
> of this logic connects to Everything. That is why I am trying to
> understand the 0-person. I think questioning the 0-person might be the
> same thing as questioning the assumption of Arithmetic Realism (AR),
> but I'm not sure.

You are mainly right. Strictly speaking any sufficiently rich notion of
truth would work. If you are interested in the theology of an "angel"
(a non turing emulable entity like Analysis + omega rule (anomega)) you
will have to take a notion of analytical truth, but for any digital
machine arithmetical truth is enough (even for ZF, but this is hard to
show: better to take the X-notion of truth for a machine talking on
Anyone believing in a notion of independent (from oneself) truth
believes in a notion of zero-person. With comp AR is enough.

I suppose what I am claiming is that 0-person exists.
In a way I would also claim Arithmetic Realism (AR) to be real.

But what I am claiming is, in effect that the 'number base' of the
'arithmetic' is not platonic/ideal/integers etc, but something else. The
numbers I claim to exist are those we find when we look = random events.

The difference is subtle but the consequences are far reaching.


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