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From: Christopher Maloney <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 21:17:17 -0400

"Jacques M. Mallah" wrote:
> > relative SSA predicts that the observer will see at the next instant
> > of time an observer moment with the greatest measure, subject to its
> > lying in the future of the current observer moment. That measure may
> > be fantastically small (eg just prior to a fatal crash) - it just has
> > to be the largest from that set.
> No. If every observer sees all future moments, then the amount of
> consciousness does not decrease with time, and thus the measure stays
> constant over time. This has the consequence that, for a given observer,
> over most of his lifetime he will find himself to be very old. It may
> seem that I am mixing in the ASSA when I say that, therefore, the fact
> that we do not find ourselves old is evidence against the RSSA. The truth
> is I can not avoid this way of thinking any more than I could believe that
> 1+1=3.

But this doesn't make any sense! Define "old"! No matter what age you
are, you could always ask why you don't find yourself to be "younger" or
"older". When I'm 10,000 years old, I think I'll still consider myself
young, so I'd still be able to reason on the basis that I don't find
myself to be very old.

Chris Maloney
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