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<< Since the number of implementations is infinite and they are
 parameterized by continuous parameters, only infinite groups of them have
 any significance. This is analagous to coloring a surface. It does not
 matter if one point on a surface is colored, what matters is the *area*
 that is colored. Measure is analagous to such an area. It is
 quantifiable because just as two people have twice as much consciousness
 as one person, doubling the number of implementations would double the

Jacques, I have a lot of trouble understanding what your conception of
measure is. Can it be expressed in some kind of units such as bits for
example? If it it can be expressed in bits, how can making two copies of an
identical document increase the amount of information (i.e., measure) ?
Or is measure just the number of copies of the document without regard to the
information? Then, what possible significance (your word) would there be in
differentiating between the original and the copy?

If measure is conserved, does making a copy spreads the measure between the
original and the copy, and thus the original ends up with less measure?

If measure is not conserved, does making a copy generates more measure?

You use the word "significance." Why? Is it the same as saying that measure
has "value?" Is an original more "valuable" or have more measure than the
copy? Furthermore, why would deleting either the original or the copy be a
loss in measure?

Could you please assign some units to quantify measure so that we can assess
its conservation (and other) properties. I believe that this is the first
step that must be taken to have a meaningful discussion.

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