RE: Implementation

From: Gilles HENRI <>
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 12:27:28 +0200

>I agree. I take that for a difficult problem for those who still want to
>consciousness'flux with physical phenomenon.
>I just do not attribute consciousness to an implementation, but to a
>...whatever implements that person. If at some stage her behavior is
>'buggy', I
>will be disappointed whatever causes the buggy behavior (n-truncatedness
>n little, 'lost of the Klaras in a new situation' or cerebral tumor,
>Alzeimer, etc.).

hmm...the failure of analogic systems does not look like the failure of
digital ones ( compare an old analogic vinyl disk with a modern defectuous
CD...) Alzheimer and tumoral diseases are the results of normal physical
laws, with the consequences of gradually fading capacities like expected
for analogic devices.
i think that an incomplete or bugged HLUT or TM would produce suddenly
totally erratic and incomprehensible outputs. If you still believe that we
could be the result of a discrete computation, it must be absolutely
perfect and bugfree. This may be a problem if you think like Schmidhuber
that "real" computations can do that, since any physical system is subject
to thermal and quantum noise...

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