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From: Gilles HENRI <>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 16:11:44 +0200

A 10:59 +0100 3/08/99, Higgo James a écrit:
>I fail to see how the format of the inputs, eg ASCII, has any bearing on the
>discussion. I have an optical system than converts data such as colours into
>electrical signals, like a keyboard converts ascii characters into
>electrical signals and a monitor convert them back.
>I was built by chance and necessity, which created a highly-compressed HLUT
>as an evolutionary tool.
>Clearly this is a major philosophical difference we have. I think that those
>on my & Hans's (and Dennett's) side of the fence will have more luck
>progressing discussions of consciousness, and building conscious machines,
>than those on the other side.

James, I didn't want you to misunderstand me. I am confident that you or
others will succeed in building conscious machines in the future, and I am
"on your side" from this point of view. I disagree with Hans if he thinks
it will be achieved just by doing an enormous list of possibilities.The
"highly compressed HLUT" is not a HLUT by definition, it is a smart
analogic device able to perform tasks that would require an enormous (and
impossible to build in practice) digital computer, thanks to a correct
representation of the outer world AND ITSELF (a "self-consistency"
condition). I think that consciousness lies somewhere in this property,
i.e. a conscious machine MUST have a vision of itself as correct as that of
the outer world.

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