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Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 09:06:15 +0100

There is only one observer of your consciousness, and that is you. Call me a
solipsist if you will, but I do think it likely you exist, and that you are
conscious. That means I can see evidence for what I call consciousness. I
might find similar evidence, perhaps structures, in a rock if I could view
it in the right way.

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> Hans Moravec, <>, writes:
> > Christopher Maloney <>:
> > > If our tools were sophisticated enough, we could figure out what
> > > that creature was experiencing at that moment, independent of his or
> > > her report.
> >
> > NO! We may determine the full physical structure of an organism well
> > enough to simulate it faithfully as a purely physical object.
> >
> > However, any experiences we impute to it will remain a subjective
> > matter with different answers for different observers. Some observers
> > will be content to say there are no experiences in any case, including
> > when they simulate you or me.
> In trying to understand these ideas, I have a question.
> Earlier I think Hans said that one possible observer was the
> conscious entity himself. I am an observer of my own consciousness.
> My consciousness (or lack thereof) is subjective, and varies depending
> on the observer, but one of the observers is me.
> Does this mean that there is a special consciousness, which is that
> consciousness observed by the observer himself?
> In other words, I may impute a certain consciousness to Hans, and someone
> else may interpret his actions as caused by a different consciousness,
> but Hans himself interprets his consciousness in a certain way as well.
> Does this self-interpretation have a privileged position, and if so could
> we choose to say that it is the "true" consciousness of Hans himself?
> Hal
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