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From: 1Z <>
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 16:27:54 -0000

Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Dear Norman,
> Thanks. I think this could help. I would not attribute "atomism" to
> Plato (except through Pythagorism and the "platonic notion of
> substance"), and "my" Plato is mainly the one from the Theaetetus and
> Parmenides.
> Recall me this when I will succeed to explain the arithmetical
> hypostases (the n-person notions).
> I have written a roadmap which describes the half of it. I guess I fail.
> The current conversation between David and Peter D. Jones is quite
> relevant. Peter D. Jones, 1Z, is right when he told David there is no
> (Aristotelian) substance,

That is, there is no plurality of substanes with essential
Just one bare subtrate.

> but wrong putting physics in 0-person, when
> with comp UDA shows it (should) belong(s) to first person plural. (If
> comp is true, etc.)

Comp could be true in a material universe, so comp does not
imply the non-existence of matter.

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