RE: Bruno's argument - Comp

From: W. C. <>
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 09:28:44 +0800

>From: Brent Meeker

>I don't think it's possible, because "perfect" is subjective. Perfect for
>the lion is bad for the antelope.

Such problem doesn't exist in PU.
In PU, there is no food chain like "A eats B; B eats C; C eats D ... etc.".
Perfect beings (both living and non-living) mean no unhappiness (you don't
feel happy when you are eaten, right?).
Why living beings need to eat?
People with common intelligence can easily *imagine* (or dream) what a PU
will be.
The difficult thing is how to make it.
(The rule is always simple: If I can't make it, it's just dream.)



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