RE: Interested in thoughts on this excerpt from Martin Rees

From: W. C. <>
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 07:44:43 +0800

>From: Bruno Marchal
>But it is easy to explain that this is already a "simple" consequence of
>comp. Any piece of "matter" is the result of a sum on an infinity of
>interfering computations: there is no reason to expect this to be
>"clonable" without cloning the whole UD, but this would not change any
>internal measures (by Church thesis and machine independence).

I remember you said "comp can be tested experimentally due to others
consequences (like the observable interference among many computations,
Can you provide more details on how to do the experiment to see "matter" is
the result of a sum on an infinity of interfering computations???



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