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Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 19:22:47 -0700

Hans Moravec, <>, writes:
> This is completely wrong! Outside observers do indeed see the faller
> asymptotically approach the horizon, with falling wristwatches
> asymptotically approaching a certain specific time. But that does not
> mean the infaller sees an infinite speedup looking out! The photons
> following the infaller are equally slowed down, and those are all he
> can see.

This is my understanding as well. One way to get an infinite speedup
would be if you were lowered gradually towards the black hole on a rope,
then as you approached the event horizon you would see the outside
universe speed up asymptotically. However you would need an infinitely
strong rope, and it would get awfully hot.

The original message spoke of a charged black hole, so perhaps you
could get the same effect if you were electrically charged yourself, so
that you were repelled by the black hole. Then you don't need a rope.
You would need to increase your charge as you got closer, to an infinite
level as you approach the EH.

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