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So why don't we observe vacuum collapses, Jacques?

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> > Not only will the laws of physics breakdown
> > tomorrow, but they break down right now billion of times every
> picoseconds.
> > When this results in A LARGE SCALE alteration of the world, each self
> cannot
> > be around to observe it. When it happens in a SMALL SCALE, we can still
> be
> > around to observe the fleeting events. We call this Quantum Physics.
> I don't mean to be rude but ...
> Quantum physics bears *no* resemblance to the above, and maybe you
> need to learn more about it. There is no evidence that the laws of
> physics 'break down'. It's just that quantum physics is different than
> classical in ways that were thought to be non-deterministic before Everett
> came along, but now we know better.
> First, energy conservation is rigorously true. Particles do not
> pop in and out of existance. Rather, the wavefunction is often not
> orthogonal to the states of nonzero particle number, even for compound
> particles such as rabbits. If so decoherence can occur in a complex
> system leading to segregation of such a term.
> If there is a small quantum 'probability' of people seeing a white
> rabbit appear then dissappear, it is possible (in principle) for someone
> to
> put people through an interference experiment and detect the interference
> of these two kinds of terms of the wavefunction, proving that they are
> both present in just the way predicted by physics, and with the right
> apparatus, even to merge the two terms back into a coherent whole (making
> the guy forget what he saw though).
> The white rabbit that appears when physical laws break down is
> quite different. He does not obey recognizably regular laws. In fact I
> think the question can be phrased as 'why is the observed physics so
> simple?'
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