Quantum Physics

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On Tue, 6 Jul 1999 GSLevy.domain.name.hidden wrote:
> Not only will the laws of physics breakdown
> tomorrow, but they break down right now billion of times every picoseconds.
> When this results in A LARGE SCALE alteration of the world, each self cannot
> be around to observe it. When it happens in a SMALL SCALE, we can still be
> around to observe the fleeting events. We call this Quantum Physics.

        I don't mean to be rude but ...
        Quantum physics bears *no* resemblance to the above, and maybe you
need to learn more about it. There is no evidence that the laws of
physics 'break down'. It's just that quantum physics is different than
classical in ways that were thought to be non-deterministic before Everett
came along, but now we know better.
        First, energy conservation is rigorously true. Particles do not
pop in and out of existance. Rather, the wavefunction is often not
orthogonal to the states of nonzero particle number, even for compound
particles such as rabbits. If so decoherence can occur in a complex
system leading to segregation of such a term.
        If there is a small quantum 'probability' of people seeing a white
rabbit appear then dissappear, it is possible (in principle) for someone to
put people through an interference experiment and detect the interference
of these two kinds of terms of the wavefunction, proving that they are
both present in just the way predicted by physics, and with the right
apparatus, even to merge the two terms back into a coherent whole (making
the guy forget what he saw though).
        The white rabbit that appears when physical laws break down is
quite different. He does not obey recognizably regular laws. In fact I
think the question can be phrased as 'why is the observed physics so

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