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> 3) Or we just go ahead and implement MW technology such as Quantum computers,
> Quantum encryption, Quantum electronics, etc... I believe that with time
> we'll become so familiar with the MW that we will just accept it as
> completely natural.

        Those are QM techs, not "MW techs". I do however think that if
more people become familiar with QM they will be more likely to accept the

> Arguments about survival after QS will appear to be
> pointless, just like now, arguments about the existence of atoms appear
> pointless even if no one has seen an atom with his naked eyes.

        Here's your logical argument:
        Given A, B will seem more likely.
        Therefore everyone will believe C.
        It seems to me that you are missing a step there.
        Especially since NOT C is obviously true regardless of B.
        Arguments about QS will be pointless because only a few crackpots
will believe in it even if everyone believes the MWI.

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