Re: Confessions of a quantum suicidal

From: Christopher Maloney <>
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 13:23:16 -0400 wrote:
> Chris, this is a scary story.... It points to the fact that there is a need
> for a MW ethics. I also independently discovered QT immortality several years
> ago.

Yes, I think I've found a new ethics, which I alluded to in the end when
I said that I care about my wife too much to leave her grieving. I do
believe that it's worthwhile to suffer some slings and arrows in order
to try to make the measure of good worlds larger.

I really liked the stuff at the end of your post below about the future
being almost certainly a good one. I'm not sure I believe that though.
Whenever I think about it, an old Harlan Ellision SF story comes to
mind, "I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream", in which a person lives
forever as the personal object of torment of a huge, bored computer.

If I had to hazard a guess, though, I'd say that it is very likely,
perhaps even certain, that our immortal future will be a "good" one,
for each of us.

It's also interesting that both you and Hal thought of looking for
other QS that may have already taken place. I hadn't thought of
that. But I think that Hal's right - that if a note was left
explaining it, it might not even make that papers, since most
people would probably be profoundly perplexed by the idea.

> Hal finney writes
> << I wonder if any suicides have ever
> been discovered where there was a note or other evidence that they were
> attempting quantum suicide? >>
> I know that Arthur Koestler the author of "The Roots of Coincidence"
> committed suicide. I quickly scanned his book to look for a hint of MW but
> could not find any.
> Everett too died at a young age... but I don't know the circumstances of his
> death.
> Even though I am not religious I found a way to eliminate QS from
> consideration. It is most beautifully stated in the psalm of David: "....
> even though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no
> evil...." The MW is truly the valley of of the shadow of death: we die a
> billion deaths every nanoseconds, yet we can only be aware of surviving....
> QS is only a drop in the bucket...There is no need to commit suicide.....
> I will fear no evil... The future, the only future that we can perceive is a
> good future and if things may appear to take a turn for the worse, it is only
> temporary, things will get better.... Enjoy life... it is like a
> dream...nothing can hurt you... it is also like a game.... It is most
> enjoyable if you play by the rules...."My cup runneth over, Surely goodness
> and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life..." Live to the full and
> enjoy for the future is assured.
> George Levy

Chris Maloney
"Knowledge is good"
-- Emil Faber
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