Re: Confessions of a quantum suicidal

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Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 01:12:31 EDT

Chris, this is a scary story.... It points to the fact that there is a need
for a MW ethics. I also independently discovered QT immortality several years

Hal finney writes

<< I wonder if any suicides have ever
been discovered where there was a note or other evidence that they were
attempting quantum suicide? >>

I know that Arthur Koestler the author of "The Roots of Coincidence"
committed suicide. I quickly scanned his book to look for a hint of MW but
could not find any.

Everett too died at a young age... but I don't know the circumstances of his

Even though I am not religious I found a way to eliminate QS from
consideration. It is most beautifully stated in the psalm of David: "....
even though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no
evil...." The MW is truly the valley of of the shadow of death: we die a
billion deaths every nanoseconds, yet we can only be aware of surviving....
QS is only a drop in the bucket...There is no need to commit suicide.....

I will fear no evil... The future, the only future that we can perceive is a
good future and if things may appear to take a turn for the worse, it is only
temporary, things will get better.... Enjoy life... it is like a
dream...nothing can hurt you... it is also like a game.... It is most
enjoyable if you play by the rules...."My cup runneth over, Surely goodness
and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life..." Live to the full and
enjoy for the future is assured.

George Levy
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