RE: consciousness based on information or computation?

From: Marchal <>
Date: Tue Feb 16 03:24:37 1999

>Bruno, eastern philosophers have denied each of the following and gone on
>to greater things as a result:
>Consciousness is private. This entails, by definition, an owner.
> Consciousness is subjective. This entails, by definition, a subject.
>Consciousness is personal. This entails, by definition, a person

My feeling is that you make a confusion between the ego and the person.
I know eastern philosophers who get higher state of consciousness through
dissolution of ego. But it seems to me they remain living person through
the process (chinese even insist on that point).
In the description of "cosmic consciousness", the "I" (ego) seems to
disappear completely, but the person remains, even if it is in the form
of the Big One or the True Emptyness, etc... (any word used here create
confusion !)

If you really belief it is possible to be conscious without being some
one, I would be glad if you can give me an explanation, or an exemple, ...

Of course I aknowledge that it is possible to be conscious without
knowing you are some one (for exemple if you are conscious without being
self-conscious), but being conscious without being some one seems to me a
(pyscho)logical contradiction.

I miss something, or what ?

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