Re: Spirit, conciousness, free will and infinite nesting

From: Gilles HENRI <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 08:38:43 +0100

> As far as I am aware the fastest neurons in the body conduct messages at
>around 170 mph. How do you reconcile this with the 'infinite nesting'
>theory? Or, more fundamentally, the very fact that the two ends of the
>'chain of command' you have postulated are indeed communicating somehow (as
>we are living testimony) surely precludes an infinite number of levels since
>this would mean that:-
>a). the transmission velocity is infinite and we therefore perceive things
>instantly (not the case)
>b). the transmission velocity is finite and we therefore don't perceive
>things at all (not the case).

It's a very good point. More generally you have to explain all the
limitations of our spirit : why do we need a certain time to think of
things, why are we limited in the numbers we can conceive and
manipulate...It's very difficult to explain in a theory where "spirit" does
not arise directly from physical processes (that can fix the relevant
orders of magnitude).

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