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From: Jacques Bailhache <>
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You said :
>I do not find 'mind' as objectionable as 'spirit' but that is simply
>I am prejudiced. When it comes down to it, I am not a dualist - I do not
>admit that there are two kinds of thing - mind and non-mind. Mind is a
>label we give to matter when it behaves in a certain way.

I also don't think that matter and spirit are two separate things but rather
that they are labels which we give to something relatively to a description
level or an approximative theory, according to the fact that it is described
(matter) or not (spirit) at this level, by this theory (see
According to this idea, in the absolute, spirit would be something tending
to nothing but never reaching it, when we go deeper in the levels of reality
and in the precision of theories.


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