Re: A calculus of personal identity (ERRATA)

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 14:37:49 +0200

Bruno Marchal a écrit (to Jamie N Rose):

> Concerning your use of the word "proposition", I don't understand
> exactly what you mean by the words "exists" "accessible" "perfectly
> accessible", .... The whole sentence is rather hard to follow.
> Godel used this:
> From A -> B and A -> ~B, infer ~A.
> Godel did not really use the non intuitionist principle (but readily
> accepted by arithmetical platonist):
> From A -> B and A -> ~B, infer ~A.
> Of course Godel was platonist (even set-platonist), but he did it to
> satisfy as much as possible the finititary requirement imposed by its
> goal to solve (negatively) Hilbert's problem.
> Of course with Church thesis, all this is made much simpler.

The formula in the second paragraph should be:

 From ~A -> B and ~A -> ~B, infer A.


(An intuitionist will accept only "From ~A -> B and ~A -> ~B, infer


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