Re: SV: Only logic is necessary?

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Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 14:35:30 -0700

John M wrote:
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> > Brent Meeker wrote:
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> > If you want to judge what is better in terms of
> > survival,
> > you need to use logic.
> And then you may be still wrong, things sometimes
> occur (in our terms - see below) as "illogical" or
> even: "counterproductive".

So much for the claim:
"If you use logic, you will never
go wrong". I never made that claim.
The claim I made was "Whatever else you
do, you'll be using logic. There is no
standpoint outside of logic. No, not
even evolutionary theory".

> Human logic is based on the
> 'part' of nature (in broadest terms) we so far
> discovered. Even only the reductionist representation
> of such.
> Further epistemic enrichment may change our views (our
> logic included).

Nothing can chnage one part of our logic without using another.
"X contradicts our logic" depends on the idea that contradictions
are wrong....which is logical.

> Withuin (BY?) our human logic we define 'correctness'
> as consistent within (by?) itself. Closing our minds
> to anything different.

Relax the rules too far, and you don't just get "something different",
you get "quodlibet" -- everything.

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