Re: Why is there something rather than nothing?

From: Georges Quenot <>
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2006 09:49:23 +0100

Hal Ruhl a écrit :
> Hi Georges:

Hi Hal,

> I was responding to Bruno's comments. However, I
> would have the same response to your
> position. Why that selection?

I wrote "could". This means that it *could* be that "all else" be
wihtin (and identical to) the "world of numbers". Indeed, it could
also be that something from the "all else" (and possibly even all
ot the all else) be outside of the "world of numbers". However, as
I have replied to John, I have nothing against TOEs (or against
anything else) without numbers, I am just completely unable to
figure out what they might look like. I am also completely unable
to imagine that numbers could not exist.

> The basic idea is
> that any such down select as to the possible
> basis of a or all universes is information and
> why make things that complex? If you look at my
> posts over the last few years my model does not
> make any selection as far as I can tell. [I am
> still refining it.] The set of all divisions of
> my list includes all possible foundations for
> states of universes and only requires that they
> follow logically from the consequences of
> dividing the list. There seems no good reason
> why my list is not the same size as the largest
> of lists so it would be countably infinite. The
> set of all of its divisions [its set of subsets]
> is a power set so would be uncountably
> infinite. That seems plenty of room. The only
> reasonable exclusion I can think of would be
> those divisions that would describe internally
> illogical universe states such as those that
> would contain an object that was simultaneously
> completely spherical and completely cubical.
> I see no reason why my model would exclude either
> Bruno's basis [if I understand it correctly] or
> what I believe yours to be as two out of its
> infinite variety of universe underpinnings.

What do you think about "universe numbers" ?


> At 03:00 AM 3/8/2006, you wrote:
>> Hal Ruhl a écrit :
>>> Hi Bruno:
>>> As I see it, to hold that numbers are the precursor
>>> existence of all else is a selection.
>> I would not hold that one is the precursor of the other.
>> Rather I suggested that both could actually be the same.
>> Georges.

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