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From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 15:59:30 +0100

Le 25-févr.-06, à 12:22, uv a écrit :

> "Bruno Marchal" <> said on February 23, 2006
>> The loebian machine knows that there are some truth which would be
>> wrong once she takes it as axiom. "comp" belongs to that type, and
>> that is why I insist that "comp" is more than just an hypothesis. It
>> needs some "act of faith".
> But if comp involves an act of faith, then surely this act of faith
> may need the sort of holistic and human properties of conventional
> religion, which you may claim to despise.

If comp (or weaker) is correct then it would be astonishing
"conventional religion" are "very wrong", but this could depend by what
you mean by "conventional religion". Actually it may be that the lobian
entity (and I recall that all Platonist self-referentially correct
entities are lobian) is both more "Christian" and "Buddhist" than
Plotinus and the neoplatonician (the reason being that the Christians
will emphasize humility and self-finiteness and many Buddhist school
will emphasize Ignorance. Plotinus is not entirely clear about the
relation between the "terrestrial" intellect and the "divine" one. Of
course he couldn't have find the precise G G* corona which provides a
transparent consistent interpretation of that fundamental separation
(which then propagates on all hypostases.

(And the importance of that is that each hypostasis defines the class
of its possible multiverses; physics should then to be expected as
corresponding to Soul and Matter (intelligible, sensible) hypostases.
And this is verifiable.)

> All in all, I would rather
> follow the 10 commandments than the outpourings of some
> machine. That is from my existing and present experience of many
> computer outputs and dud religions.

In religious matter I think the better way is the one which resonates
the better with you, as far as you don't use authoritative methods for
imposing your beliefs.
All what the lobian machine says is that you can belief comp but it is
at your own risk and peril. But also that you can reason about its
consequences and then some are already testable.

> Maybe that is not so in the
> future, but that is pure speculation not faith or theory.
> Perhaps Bruno could accurately define his 'act of faith' ? Maybe
> that is near the nub of it. I am sorry if he feels that he already
> has but I can't easily see that.

The practical, terrestrial act of faith consists to say "yes" to a
surgeon which proposes you an artificial digital brain/body. It is a
belief in a form or reincarnation.
Its theoretical counterpart, formalizable, that is translatable, in the
language of a lobian entity, is the "no cul-de-sac" assumption, which
by incompleteness is non trivial (it consists to add p, or Dp, or both,
to the intellect Bp). This generates the 8 hypostases.


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