Re: Artificial Philosophizing

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 17:25:23 +0100

Le 10-févr.-06, à 00:18, Russell Standish a écrit :

> This is one point where I depart from your metaphysics. Traditional
> aristotelianism asserts existence of matter, and that psyche emerges
> from that.

OK. (except that many aristotelian, like Stephen, are dualist, but most
of their "naturalist" grandchildren are materialist monist, so ok).

> You assert the existence of numbers, and of psyche, and
> show how matter arises from that.

I assume only the existence of numbers. Then psyche arises (logically,
not temporaly), and then matter arises (logically too, and this has
been partially tested, but only partially).
I agree that in the UDA I assume psyche/consciousness, for example,
when thinking about saying yes or no to the doctor, but this is
logically eliminated when I go to the universal machine interview,
where psyche will be described by Boole (the laws of mind) and
Godel-Lob-Solovay (laws of loebian self-reference).

> I think both are needed. The psyche supervenes on matter, and the
> properties of matter depend on the psyche.


> All of which exists because
> numbers exist.

Arithmetical Monism?
I am not sure I understand you. If you agree everything comes from
numbers then we do agree. Oops ... must go.

Bon week-end,

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