Re: belief, faith, truth

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 17:07:39 +0100

Le 05-févr.-06, à 17:38, Jeanne Houston a écrit :

> I am a layperson who reads these discussions out of avid interest,
> and I
> hope that someone will answer a question that I would like to ask in
> order
> to enhance my own understanding.
> There is an emphasis on AI running through these discussions, yet
> you
> seem to delve into very philosophical questions. Are the philosophical
> discussions applicable to the development of AI

I would say so, but probably not in a predictible way ... Today the
reverse is still more true.

> (i.e., trying to grasp all
> aspects of the mind of man if you are trying to develop a true copy),

... or in some indirect way perhaps, by giving evidences that no man
can grasp all aspect of man, so that if we make a copy, some bets or
hopes, or faith, or things like that are in order.

> or are
> they only interesting diversions that pop-up from time to time. My
> thanks
> to anyone who wishes to respond.

I do use explicitly the computationailist hypothesis (the thesis that I
am a machine) which is stronger than the strong AI thesis (machine can
think). Actually I am no more in need of comp (I realised that my
theory works for a large variety of non-machines), but, still, with the
comp hyp, the reasoning is simpler.

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