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Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 10:44:00 +1000

On Mon, Aug 29, 2005 at 12:41:23PM -0400, wrote:
> [GK]
> You ARE doing something speculative whether you admit it or not! And I
> don't really have to study your argument because
> it is derived from premises that, you already admitted, are
> incompatible with the conclusions you claim.

I've never seen Bruno admit that! I've only seen you claim that,
without proof.

> [GK]
> To claim that a TOE is physically complete you have to know ALL of
> Physics which is more than anyone in this world claims
> to know, least of all, me! So who am I to disagree? (;-)

It is a claim, not a proof. Such a claim is readily falsifiable, by
means of counterexamples when such are discovered.

> Now it appears to me that you are trying, at all costs (including
> logic), to save the remnants of the strong-AI thesis in some
> religious cultist form ("The Grand Programmer"-vision), thus your
> constant references to faith and theology. This, incidentally
> may be a better bet than actually doing science since there is better
> funding in the "intelligent design" camp these days, so maybe I wished
> you more luck than you need...
> Best regards,
> Godfrey

Schmidhuber does the "Great Programmer" thing, not Marchal. And I
suspect Schmidhuber is being tongue-in-cheek anyway. Marchal uses
"faith" and "theology" in different ways to everyday use - he has
technical meanings for these terms, to which the everyday meaning is
but an approximation.

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