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Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 12:36:57 +0200

Hi Norman,

Le 20-août-05, à 20:25, Norman Samish a écrit :

> Bruno,
> I don't know what you mean by this comment. Could you please go
> into
> more detail? I realize this is speculation, nevertheless I'd like to
> know
> what your speculation is. Thanks,
> Norman Samish
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> ". . . The next millenia? It will be "pschhht!" or, something like an
> uncontrollable creative big bang, from what I smell from comp."

To be alive, or conscious, or even just consistent always entail the
possibility of being dead or inconsistent soon or later. To be alive is
necessary to be in a fragile state. My version of Godel theorem for
babies illustrates already this: it is when you stand up that you can
I don't know if we are divine creature, but by comp we can already say
that IF we are divine creature we can only be hypothetical. We would be
divine *hypotheses*, and we would be infinitely wrong to take our
existence as granted. In particular such a contempt would lead us to
the fall, and like the dinosaurs we would disappear (the pschhhht). If
our modesty prevails we will continue to grow and multiply. For purely
economical reason we will, or those who bet on comp will, live in
virtual reality on computers that Robots will develop in Space and we
will extend ourself in the galaxy. Humanity will perhaps divide into
those who will "take refuge" at the center of the galaxy in or on its
main black hole using his surface as a sort of quantum computer and
into those who will escape the galaxy, and explore other galaxies. But
all this is a little too much "third person", when in reality, like
always, first person reality will prevail and grow much faster than
anything 3-person describable. And this of course I cannot describe.
We will always feel incomplete and always feel there is something more
to say or to do.
Many will have bigger brain, but other will have lesser brain and learn
to control amnesic path or how to born again without dying, and how to
fuse identities and personalities.
Of course if YD is shown false, forget what I say.

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