Re: White Rabbit vs. Tegmark

From: jamikes <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 17:23:24 -0400

Dear Russell and Hal:
thanks for the compassionate speedy replies. I would be happy to cpomply
with Hal's advice, alas, I have no browser working yet(?), only the mailbox.
Cluttered with garbage. I didn't believe a friend who had similar troubles
when installing Symantec, I lost my cyberways by the 2005 ed. And Excuse me
for keeping that irrelevant subject line. It is quite unfair to the rabbit.

I have no difficulty with 'plain' HTML, OE6 can handle it - or my
Word-viewer. It was the frightening 270 posts among the accumulated 13 -
1500 spam what I collected first out, into an 'everything' folder for
simplicity's sake <G>
(I did the same with the other 7 listposts as well.)
Could anybody still remember for me WHAT was originally what "we could just
simply accept..." - in that former (other) (stupid) Subject line?

I always try to "read only" but sometime I cannot keep my mouse shut. Will
catch up hopefully soon.
Best wishes

John M

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