Re: White Rabbit vs. Tegmark

From: jamikes <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 17:59:06 -0400

Dear Russell and list:
this is a personal problem due to my extremely feeble skills in computering.

I had (optimistically in past tense) problems with my internet e-mail
connection and could not get/send e-mail since the date of this post. Then 2
times I was lucky and got hundreds of email at a time, (the browser is still
closed from my usage). To separate chaff from seed, I extracted the
list-post before deleting the "slumscumspam". From May 24 to June 13 I
accumulated 270 listposts -absolutely impossible to scan for topical and
content interest. Those posts were accessible (for me) that started with a
statement of the writer and not a lot of copies with some reply-lines
interjected. I know (and like to use) to copy the phrases to reply to but
even in a 2-week archiving it turns sour. After the first 30-40 post-reviews
I got dizzy. This pertains to the regular listpost.

Your posts are one degree worse:
You had 32 attachment-convoluted posts in the 270 of the 20 day everything
list. The procedure
to glance at your text (and I like to read what you wrote) I have to select
the attachment, then call it up, then select open, then read it, and - If I
want to save it: copy or cut it to file in 3-5 more clicks.
A regular e-mail requires ONE click to read and ONE to save (in my Outlook

I don't want to "reformulate" this list, just tried to communicate a point
that may make MY life easier.

Apologies for whining

John Mikes

PS: I lost the 'original' post of the Subject:
"RE:What do you lose if you simply accept..."
and reading the posts I could not find out WHAT to accept? the posts were
all over the Library of Congress, nothing to the original subject to
explain. Just curious. JM

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