Re: Functionalism and People as Programs

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2005 09:32:25 +0200

Le 03-juin-05, à 06:20, Lee Corbin a écrit :

>> [Stephen:] What if "I", or any one else's 1st person aspect, can not
>> be copied?
>> If the operation of copying is impossible, what is the status of all
>> of these thought experiments?
> I notice that many people seek refuge in the "no-copying" theorem of
> QM.

Exercise: 1) Show by a qualitative informal reasoning that if we are
Turing emulable then a no-cloning theorem is a necessity. Show more
precisely that IF I am duplicable at some description level THEN if I
observe myself below that substitution level I will discover that I am
made from "object" relying on an infinity (a continuum) of information
states/histories (hardly duplicable "stuff"). Hint: (re)read the UDA.

Exercise 2) (For Stephen :) Show that the 1-person is not 1-duplicable,
show that it is not even 1-nameable. (This can be done also by a
qualitative informal reasoning, but it is also beautifully obtainable
with G and G*, S4Grz, ...)

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