RE: Do things constantly get bigger?

From: Brent Meeker <>
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 21:09:31 -0000

You are constantly getting bigger. Photons emitted from you, and hence
entangled with your atomic states, form an shell expanding at the speed of
light. Eventually beings on other planets will be able to "see" you via these

Brent Meeker

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>Subject: Do things constantly get bigger?
> Your phrase ". . . constantly get bigger" reminds me of Mark
>McCutcheon's "The Final Theory" where he revives a notion that gravity is
>caused by the expansion of atoms.
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>Subject: Re: Many Pasts? Not according to QM...
>Saibal Mitra writes:
>> This is actualy another argument against QTI. There are only a finite
>> number
>> of different versions of observers. Suppose a 'subjective' time evolution
>> on
>> the set of all possible observers exists that is always well defined.
>> Suppose we start with observer O1, and under time evolution it evolves to
>> O2, which then evolves to O3 etc. Eventually an On will be mapped back to
>> O1
>> (if this never happened that would contradict the fact that there are only
>> a
>> finite number of O's). But mapping back to the initial state doesn't
>> conserve memory. You can thus only subjectively experience yourself
>> evolving
>> for a finite amount of time.
>Unless... you constantly get bigger! Then you could escape the
>limitations of the Bekenstein bound.
>Hal Finney
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