Challenging the Basic Assumptions

From: Lee Corbin <>
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 18:53:34 -0700

aet writes
> Jesse [writes]
> > but hey, this list is all about rambling speculations about
> > half-formed ideas that probably won't pan out to anything,
> > you could just as easily level the same accusation against
> > anyone here.

Well, a number of us are under the impression that we are being
very real, and actually very concrete. Also, a number of us
consider ourselves to be dyed-in-the-wool skeptics.

All speculations need to be challenged. Without criticism,
no idea has passed the test. Every time one criticizes someone's
idea, he or she is doing them a big favor.

> "Rambling speculations about half-formed ideas that probably
> won't pan out to anything" is a good description of talking
> to hear ones-self talk. If it's not going to pan out anyway,
> then it's pretty meaningless.

Yes, but we don't know until we try. Actually, my hat is off
to those who'll spend the time to work out theories. They know
that the chance is one in a million that it'll be *their*
theory that is the new paradigm. But they try anyway, and
I want to know about it.

> The only reason I won't quit the list for now is that, once
> and a while, somebody actually says something interesting that's
> worth taking note of. I'll just let all the rambling comments
> about areas that I actually work in, slide from here on out -
> since now it's official that the standard here is half-formed
> ideas that won't pan out.

Well :-) of course, everyone hopes his ideas will pan out.

But since you are *so* skeptical (which is good), why don't you
try to pin down people's outrageous statements. (I know, you
have already been trying, to some degree.) The burden of proof
is on *them*, remember.

Be patient. Be nice. And perhaps most important of all, be
redundant. That is, to eliminate confusion ask a question
at least twice, but in different ways.

(I just made that point redundantly, and I think that most people
appreciate this when it's done.)

Keep up your good work! People here may learn something, and
so may you.

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