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   Note that Juergen Schmidhuber is talking at this event, it might be
of interest to a few people on the list. There will be a stream, so
you can watch it from a distance.



Announcement:: Data Ecologies 05

To whom it may concern,

   could you please forward this announcement to students and faculty who
may be interested in attending.

   Thanks in advance,

   Tim Boykett


We apologise if you receive duplicates of this.


                        Data Ecologies 05

                12 - 14 May 2005 in Linz, Austria

100 years after Einstein published five papers that rocked and
then essentially overthrew the then-current physical understanding,
the murmurs of discontent are arising. Theories extending,
expanding, explaining or just plain overthrowing the tenets of the
now-current model(s) are making the rounds.

Digital Physics, quantum foam, immersive "realistic" environments,
pregeometry, process Physics, Pattern formation by self-referential
algorithms, diagrams of data structures and their spontaneous
self-manipulation, tessellation systems and their dynamics,
self-perpetuating flaws and defects in processes... the list goes on.

We will discuss these themes and the curve that they generate.
Topics of interest include, but are in no way limited to the following:
  - combinatorial invariants of knotted nets
  - artists investigating the production and perception of space in
modern media
  - the determination of structure from noise as the basis of perception
  - pregeometries in all flavours
  - interactive explorations of the nature of space, time and spacetime
  - the nature of a computational nature – what could the universal
computer be doing?
  - experiments to examine the computational nature of the universe
  - experimental evidence of a preferred frame of ref erence
  - possible algorithms for our universe
  - can we harness the computations in which we are seemingly immersed
to our practical use?
  - in what respects is quantum computation different from classical
computations, and why?


An informal meeting will take place on Thursday 12th May for those
travelling to Linz. Please
contact us for location details.
The lecture program will start at 9:30 on Friday 13th May and will run
Saturday afternoon with a panel discussion to close. This will take
at the Time's Up space at Industriezeile 33b, 4020 Linz.

Main speakers are:
  - Ed Fredkin (
  - Jürgen Schmidhuber (IDSIA, Switzerland)
  - Tom Toffoli (Boston University)
  - Maja Kuzmanovic (Foundation oAM, Brussels)
  - Nik Gaffney (Foundation oAM, Brussels)
  - Karl Svozil (Technical University of Vienna)
  - Dan B Miller (Carnegie-Mellon University)

While we plan for long discussions, we have some possibilities
for a few extra speakers. Please contact the organisers

  In order to keep the workshop open to noninstitutional researchers, we
charge no fee for this workshop.

Please contact us at in order to register.


  TIME'S UP Industriezeile 33b A-4020 Linz Austria
     +43-732-787804(ph) +43-732-7878043(fx)

This workshop is supported by the EU Culture 2000 Program,
LinzKultur, KulturOberoesterreich, BKA.Kunst and the Linzer

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