Re: Implications of MWI

From: Saibal Mitra <>
Date: Sun, 1 May 2005 16:51:36 +0200

The MWI made me take the idea of multiple universes/multiple realities
serious. When I joined this list I believed that quantum suicide could work,
but I later found out that it cannot possibly work. I now believe that there
exists an ensemble of all possible mathematical models/descriptions/computer
programs. These things exist in a mathematical sense. For this idea to work
(to yield predictions that are consistent with the known laws of physics)
one has to assume that there exists a measure that prefers simple programs
over complex programs.


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Onderwerp: Implications of MWI

> Did accepting and understanding the MWI drastically alter your
> philosophical worldview? If so, how?
> I cannot answer this question myself because I do not truly understand
> many parts of it.
> Thanks
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