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Ah John, if only I could understand what you're saying...

On Fri, Apr 22, 2005 at 11:45:22AM -0400, John M wrote:
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> Russell S. writes in his convoluted from attachment-digging out ways:
> "Laplace's daemon is a hypothetical creature that knows the exact state
> of every particle in the universe. In a deterministic universe, the
> daemon could compute the future exactly. Of course the daemon cannot
> possibly exist, any more than omniscient beings. In a quantum world,
> or a Multiverse, such daemons are laughable fantasies. Nevertheless,
> they're often deployed in reductio ad absurdum type arguments to do
> with determinism."
> Again the stubborn anthropomorphic "one-way" thinking about the idea of a
> total determinism in one way only. Everything calculated 'in' there is only
> ONE outcome in the world - as the essence of the one-way universe's own
> determinism. This was the spirit that made the "total greater than the sum
> of its components" - the "Aris-total" of the epistemic level 2500 years ago.
> It is an age-old technique to invent a faulty hypothesis (thought
> experiment, etc.) and on this basis show the 'ad absurdity' of something.
> Determinism as I would like "'to speak about it"' is the idea that whatever
> happens (the world as process?) originates in happenings - (beware: not "a
> cause" as in a limited model, but) in unlimited ensembles of happenings all
> over, not limited to the topical etc. boundaries we erect for our chosen
> observations. The happenings are including the 'ideational' part of the
> world, which is 'choice-accepting' - consequently not fully predictable.
> As in: endogenously impredicative complexities.
> Anticipatory is not necessarily predictable and (my) deterministic points to
> the other side: not where it goes TO, but comes FROM. Even there it is more
> than we can today encompass (compute?) in full.
> This may be a worldwide applicational principle of the spirit that made its
> minuscule example into QM as the 'uncertainty'.
> Or the cat, or a complimentarity.
> Alas, I cannot "'speak about it'", because we are not up to such level. Not
> me, not you, not even the materialistic daemon. We all are rooted in the
> materialistic reductionist models what our neuronal brain can handle - in a
> world of unlimited interconnectedness.
> John Mikes

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