Is symmetry the key?

From: David Barrett-Lennard <>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 07:56:44 +0800

It seems that it is meaningless to talk about an absolute measure on the
ensembles for the multiverse.

However, we can make real progress by simply appealing to principles of
symmetry. For example, when an atom emits a photon it seems reasonable to
assume there is 50/50 chance of measuring "up" versus "down". How could it
be anything but 50/50? This is a statement about real, absolute
probabilities of outcomes without any need to derive the result from some
underlying measure on the infinite ensembles of the multiverse.

It is interesting and perhaps no coincidence that the best way to understand
physics is to focus attention on the underlying principles of symmetry,
invariance and equivalence.

- David

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