Re: many worlds theory of immortality

From: Danny Mayes <>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 18:03:07 -0400

Isn't the inverse also true? Wouldn't there always be an outcome where
you were born a little earlier, or were transported back in time through
some means so that there are "universes" where your consciousness exists
at the very beginning? I don't really believe this, but the logic seems
to apply just the same. You can also play the same game with other
qualities of consciousness (Is there always a universe where you are a
little more intelligent, or knowledgeable, so that there are some
universes that you know everything that can be known?)

My personal belief is that QTI is not the end result of our
consciousness. It's just too strange (and this coming from someone who
accepts some pretty strange beliefs in the name of QM).

Danny Mayes

Stathis Papaioannou wrote:

> I think you can apply the same reasoning to show you will be not only
> the only sentient being, but ultimately, the only *thing* in the
> universe (is this the same as saying you will ultimately become the
> universe?). If QTI is true, your consciousness will survive until the
> end of time in some branch of the MW with Pr=1. The Pr that any subset
> of the current universe (excluding you) will survive in the same
> branch as you is <1, so as eternity approaches, the Pr that anything
> other than you survives approaches zero. This is true even of the
> substructure sustaining you, since there is a nonzero Pr that you will
> find some other means of sustenance in the future. It is also true of
> your toys, that you might use to reconstruct happier times. The *only*
> thing guaranteed to survive indefinitely is you bare consciousness.
> --Stathis Papioannou
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