Re: An All/Nothing multiverse model

From: Jesse Mazer <>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 20:48:19 -0500

Hal Ruhl wrote:

>I will go over the thread and try to clear things up but I am having eye
>surgery in the morning and ran out of time.

Take your time, there's no hurry...hope all goes well tomorrow morning.

>Why would mathematics be the only thing in the All? Is that not a

That's an interesting question...but if it's true that our own world is just
a piece of mathematics, then I'm not sure if we can conceive of anything
that is *not* mathematics, in some sense, so maybe there isn't really a
selection here. Also, even if there were "nothing rather than something",
wouldn't a statement like 1+1=2 still be true? The truth of the statement
does not seem to require that there actually are two objects anywhere, it
can be understood more like a hypothetical claim that if you *did* have one
object and another, together there would be two...

>>It is controversial that mathematics contains any information in the first
>>place--by the most commonly-accepted definition of information in
>>information theory, I don't think it would, simply because there is no
>>room for multiple possible answers to a given question.
>Then does not all information include multiple possible answers?

I think it does, at least as it is defined in information theory. So by this
definition, mathematical statements do not really contain any information.

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