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Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 14:57:41 +1100

Hi Folks,
A bit tardy..catching up...

An early cut debut of this film was played at the quantum mind
conference in March 2003. I saw it....

Came away feeling like someone was lecturing me about a quantum
mechanical religion/cult. I don't know how the official version was, but
we were all asked to fill out questionaires... It may have altered the
edit. It's supposed to get QM to the common folk, but it looked no
different to any culty thing - very emotively and manipulative... Just
another form of brand equity doing its dance.

Merry xmas or whatever to all everythingers... :) colin

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> Subject: Movie: WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW!?
> Has anyone seen this movie? Looks interesting -
> This sure-to-be cult favorite is a
> hybrid of documentary and melodrama, combining a story about
> an unhappy, divorced photographer (Marlee Matlin) wandering
> the streets of Portland, Ore., with highly abstract
> theoretical constructs about the nature of God and "the
> wacky, weird world of quantum physics." The movie has a
> website ( WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE
> KNOW?! is a new type of film. It is part documentary, part
> story, and part elaborate and inspiring visual effects and
> animations. The protagonist, Amanda, played by Marlee Matlin,
> finds herself in a fantastic Alice in Wonderland experience
> when her daily, uninspired life literally begins to unravel,
> revealing the uncertain world of the quantum field hidden
> behind what we consider to be our normal, waking reality...
> The fourteen top scientists and mystics interviewed in
> documentary style serve as a modern day Greek Chorus. In an
> artful filmic dance, their ideas are woven together as a
> tapestry of truth. The thoughts and words of one member of
> the chorus blend into those of the next, adding further
> emphasis to the film's underlying concept of the
> interconnectedness of all things.
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