Re: An All/Nothing multiverse model

From: Hal Ruhl <>
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 13:40:49 -0500

I received a comment asking what I mean by "possible" in :

"Within the All all the states of all possible universes informationally

Here I do not wish at this time to restrict the meaning of "possible". For
example some argue that "all logically possible worlds" is a correct
view. While I do not oppose this view generally, I am having an off list
discussion along the lines of: What does "logically possible" mean?

I received another comment:

>Furthermore ALL has no info, since it has ALL equally. How can Nothing
>"choose" "information" from the nonexisting info to replenish its noexisting
>info? Does it make it by selectively reducing ALL?

The All contains all information, but has no net information. There is no
reason why the Nothing can not spontaneously breach the Everything and
start to ingest [at random] sub components of the All which is exactly what
the evolving Somethings are doing - as waves of "physical reality" - which
at any stage of the ingestion except the last one divide the All into two
sub components.

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