Re: Are we simulated by some massive computer?

From: Stephen Paul King <>
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 07:25:38 -0400

Dear George,

    How does indeterminacy and multiple-world-occupation follow from an inability to deduce that one is not in a simulation?

    Also, how is multiple-world-occupation knowable 1st person unless by the means I discusses previously? Does this not violate the anthropic principle?

I am missing something. :_(

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  Hi Stephen

  Stephen Paul King wrote:

    Dear George,

        My take of Russell's post is:

        Unless the creature had some experience that was not dismissible as a hallucination (1st person) and/or was witness by others (a proxy of 3rd person?) that lead him to the conclusion that it existed within a virtual reality then it would have no ability to make such a deduction.
  True. But from its own point of view its world would then be indeterminate. The creature would occupy several worlds as long as this indeterminacy exists.

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