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From: John M <>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 09:17:39 -0400


here is my unprofessional and outsider 'meaning' which I developed
in my decade-long battle against the undefined (openly (mis)used)
term of "consciousness":

I consider an 'observer' (unqualified as to 'its' feature-essence)
anything that acknowledges information. A second step, leading
to my substitute definition of the ominous consciousness - rather
pan-sesitivity, a related term for 'observer' - is the "response" to
such 'acknowledged' information, any form , as storage, reaction,
mere reference, or some change in qualia.
I doubt the relevance of this to what you had in mind.

John Mikes
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> I would like to explore just exactly what the various members of the list
> mean by "observer" as in the following from Wei Dai's post.
> Hal
> >Consider all possible worlds consistent with your memories and current
> >experiences. In other words, all possible worlds that contain at least
> >observer with memories and current experiences exactly identical to
> >Are there more than one such world?
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