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From: Fred Chen <>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 21:39:23 -0800

Nice link, great topic.

This does beg the question, is there an event horizon for gravitons, and
presumably the answer for that would be the singularity.

Here is something to ponder: do virtual gravitons generate more virtual
gravitons? Consider a planet in circular orbit around its star. Consider
the gravitational force of this system on an external body far away, e.g., a
comet. The force on the comet would be due to the mass of the planet, plus
the mass of the star, plus the gravitational energy of the star-planet
system. So the gravitational field, an exchange of virtual gravitons, would
be the source of new virtual gravitons to be exchanged with the comet, or in
fact anything outside this system. This could extrapolate ad infinitum, as
we take into account each virtual exchange of gravitons generating another
virtual exchange of gravitons.


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> Ron McFarland writes:
> > If a gravity carrier has any mass whatsoever then by what mechanism
could it
> > possibly and in such abundance escape from a black hole event horizon
and make
> > itself known in our observable universe?
> This is not really a multiverse question, but rather a common query
> relating to relativity and QM. See question 6 in part 2 of the
> sci.physics FAQ, "How does the gravity get out of the black hole?", at:
> The short answer is that when you model forces as the exchange of
> particles, it is actually done as the exchange of virtual particles;
> and virtual particles can go faster than light, hence can escape from
> black holes.
> Hal Finney
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