Re: Ethics and morals (brief addendum)

From: CMR <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 06:40:36 -0800

> Actually, the successful game theory strategy is "tit for tat"
> which would be quivalent to: "an eye for an eye"

Sure, but the "tit for tat" can just as easily mean "one good deed deserves

Ultimately, the successful game theory strategy is to "win" (increase
fitness and/or resources, survive...) whether that be accomplished via
competition, cooperation, or arguably even "altruism" (raising probability
that some "stranger" will in the future bail you out of a bind by acting in
kind now). It may all be seen ultimately as "selfish", but if by poking out
the eye of a fellow clansman that just managed to poke one of yours out,
you then ruin the depth perception of a clan spearman who is otherwise
watching your and your families "back", well..
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